If there's one phrase that sends the blogosphere into a tailspin it's "algorithm changes." With Pinterest's recent changes, lots of bloggers have experienced major shifts in their traffic patterns. And most often, as we wade through thoughts and commentary, the trend appears to be negative. So, when Instagram penned a blog post last week all about how their feed organization would change, we understood the knee-jerk criticism from influencers.

We don't think you should panic, though. Here's three reasons why:

1. Your Posts Won't Go Missing

A key phrase that's been lost in a lot of the reporting we've read on Instagram's change is this one, which comes straight from Instagram's own announcement: "we’re focusing on optimizing the order — all the posts will still be there, just in a different order."

So, unlike Facebook, which buries lots of content and never presents it to a huge portion of your followers, on Instagram, everyone will have your posts in your feed, but your biggest fans will see your posts first and foremost. That's great news.

2. A Better Experience for the User

When social networks make these changes, usually it's for the benefit of the user. Even in the case of Facebook, whose notorious algorithm changes make it super difficult to be seen by your audience if you aren't paying for boosts, great posts still make it to the top of feeds organically. I'm looking at you, Humans of New York, a page that has exploded to over 17 million likes with high quality, shareable content.

We loved the advice from Stephanie Keeping of Spaceships and Laserbeams we heard on Bjork Ostrom's Food Blogger Pro podcast. She said, "[Facebook] always goes back to their philosophy of making their users' experience[s] the most fantastic experience it can be. I think they, whatever changes they are making, they believe it's going to improve the quality of Facebook for the people using it."

Considering Instagram is owned by Facebook, we have a suspicion that the philosophies behind feed updates are likely the same.

3. Change is Almost Always an Opportunity

Bouncing off of point #2, take note of which posts of yours continue to get attention--or get more attention--as a result of Instagram's update. We're willing to be that you'll start learning a lot more about the types of words, captions, photo styling or lighting that excited Instagram users.

Rather than sticking to the same strategy, these changes bring with it the opportunity to become the blogger who cracks the new Instagram's code. Keep an open mind and try things out--maybe you'll be the leading expert in Instagram strategy before you even know it.

Photo via Soldsie