When bloggers sign up to become Chicory recipe partners, we promise regular shares of their content with our social media audience. Our channels are growing and we actively pursue ways to get more great recipe content to more people. As our resident Chicory food blogger has told me many times, every set of eyeballs counts!

Simply, we believe: sharing is caring (cheesy I know). But we also know there can be a dark side to sharing; we're talking about those sites that post a share of your entire recipe without realizing the problems therein. Sometimes you're credited--let's chalk that up to naiveté--and sometimes you're not--that's just, plain stealing. That’s why we NEVER share your entire recipe and always give you the credit you deserve (plus a link back to your site!). 

Since we understand the stress some bloggers feel when they hear we promise shares of their content, we figured we'd lay out exactly where we stand and what we intend. Read on for answers to some FAQs, plus examples of what our shares look like on our channels. 

How do you decide who gets featured when? 

We keep a spreadsheet of all of the food bloggers who are actively displaying our Get Ingredients button. New partners get added based on the day that they join the team. We work through that list in the order in which people sign up, keeping track of each date we feature that blogger. Once we make our way through all of our partners, we start again at the top!

Occasionally, we stray from this list in order to celebrate some special food days or exceptional recipes. For example, with Chinese New Year approaching, I plan on sorting through our recipe database to find some great Chinese recipes to recommend for the holiday. Similarly, if a blogger of ours writes a round-up of Super Bowl snacks, we'll try to show that some love leading up to game day. 

How often will I be featured?

As we continue to grow, it’s hard for us to put an exact time frame on that number, plus it varies for each social media channel. The more we grow, the more bloggers there are to share, but we make an effort to show your site some love at least once every two months. 

Want to do the math? We post once or twice daily to Instagram, send at least 5 tweets a day (usually more like 10), post to Facebook 3 times a day and pin about 15 pins a day. 

How will you use my photos or what will you say about my recipes in your shares?

This can look different on each social media channel due to the nature of our audience on each of those. Generally, our tone is silly and positive. We always tag your handle on that social network in the post. And, when appropriate, we link back to your site... more on that below.

Chicory Facebook - Chicory Blog


We’re sure you already know this, but recipes kick butt on Facebook. They get tons of engagement and it’s pretty hard to avoid seeing a video for a recipe pop up on your newsfeed. As for what our shares look like, we give your recipe a quick caption, tag your profile and then post the link to your site.


With the 140 character limit, our tweets are usually pretty short and sweet. That's because we see the most clicks on the links we share when we also post an image of your recipe. As you can see in the image above, we share a link to our partner's recipe, a photo and of course a tag so you can see what we're sharing!

Chicory Instagram


Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't allow its users to clickable links in their posts, so this is the one channel where we don't explicitly link back to your recipe post. But when we share your photos, we make sure to give your Instagram account a shout out, a little bit of fun text, and a the name of your recipe. 

We also might diverge from our existing plan to feature an Instagrammer who has tagged their recipes with our hashtag, #chicoryco. Tag a recent shot and we'll definitely consider it ASAP for a feature! As our fastest growing channel, our Instagram feed will hopefully drive some new followers your Instagram accounts too. 

Chicory Pinterest Recipe Partners Board


Our pins look just like the average pin, but we pin straight from your site or repin something you have already put on Pinterest. We never claim any of your content as our own. We even has an awesome Chicory Partners board, which has become increasingly popular.

Anything else I should know?

Occasionally, we share your content (with a link back, of course) in one of our blog posts. This is always in the context of celebrating things you do well, like in this recent post where we highlighted partners like Merritt Makes Vegan and Lively Table.

If you're uncomfortable with any of these sharing philosophies, let us know! We came up with our social media plan after lots of reading and research regarding what's kosher in the blogging community and we want to do right by you. Similarly if you, say, feel icky about Instagram in general, that's no problem. We can skip over your photos when it's your turn for a share. And along those lines, if you have a recipe you're really trying to get in front of more people, we're happy to rearrange our sharing cycle to give you some love when you make that request!

Photo via Women's Health