We were inspired this week by an article by Michael Bollinger in MediaPost. The President of Smith Brothers Agency, an expert in the CPG space, argued that since its heyday in the '60s and '70s, CPG advertising has bored the industry. What we need, he said, was a shake-up along the lines of what Geico's courageous and funny ads did for insurance sales in the early 2000s. 

While we're inclined to agree with his argument for the most part, at the same time, a handful of really excellent digital campaigns came to mind as outliers. Yes, traditional CPG advertising tends to be a snooze-fest (mom pours kids a bowl of cereal, blah, blah), but at the same time, some superstars are stealing the show (dunk in the dark, anyone?). 

Looking to try something more courageous with your CPG campaigns? Get inspired by these brave and smart ideas.

Pepsi - #LiveForNow

Give someone a noteworthy day and you're already on your way towards virality.

Pedigree - Smart Dog Jacket

If your dog could post to Facebook... I'd definitely share that status update.

Evian - Live Young

Part cute, part creepy, and with occasional appearances by the world's top supermodel, Evian's videos are a recipe for social media success.

Grandma's Cookies - Are you my grandma?

Never underestimate the power of a quirky campaign. It can revive even a hundred-year-old company and will be a home run among Millennials who love something a little off-kilter.