Cinco de Mayo Food Trends

As we drink our green beer and munch on Irish soda bread, the days of sipping margaritas on the patio might seem far away. Don't be fooled, though: springtime just around the corner, meaning now's the time to begin planning your warm weather content and campaigns. So, we pulled up some trends data on Cinco de Mayo, everyone's favorite holiday for getting the summer season started! Here's what the data showed us....

Margarita Trends Cinco de Mayo - Chicory Trends

Stir It Up!

The Trend: We were surprised to find very distinct and common trends for margarita flavors. Five additions soared above any others, including the plain lime-tequila-salt. Consumers love adding a bit of spice to their blended cocktails with jalapeños or chili salt. Grapefruit and strawberry beat out all other fruits. And basil proved popular too--but even more popular when paired with strawberry.

The Takeaway: Think of other combos that could work and give you the most keyword bang-for-your-buck. Grapefruit and chili, perhaps? While these five ingredients definitely took the cake in terms of favorite margarita flavors, less popular additions fell into similar categories and perhaps hint at the next big trends: herbs (rosemary), spice (Thai chilis), non-ubiquitous berries and citrus (blood orange, açai).

Margarita Baked Goods - Chicory Food Trends

Think Beyond the Salted Rim

The Trend: We've found that the term "margarita" describes way more than boozy beverages... and pizzas. Using the word to describe, in particular, sweets, hearkens tasty thoughts for readers. They love being able to feel festive without having to literally blend up tons and tons of cocktails for their families and friends. Turn a margarita into something sweet and decadent, borrowing flavors like lime and salt from the beverage.

The Takeaway: We see this type of trend for all kinds of holidays. For example, take the two dominating trends from St. Patrick's Day: Bailey's and Guinness used in all sorts of ways that don't involve drinking. With so many moms and/or party planners looking at content during this time, it makes sense that they'd want to borrow from the boozy favorites, while keeping things kid-friendly. Get inspired by alcohol and borrow flavors in addition to coming up with drink ideas to share.

Guacamole Trends - Chicory Food Trends

Guac This Way

The Trend: Everyone loves guacamole; this much we know. So, when it comes time to celebrate summer holidays, find new ways to eat and share the stuff. The easier to pass around a party, the better--no one likes to be the weirdo standing, alone, by the bowl of dip. (But sometimes you gotta because guacamole is so good.)

The Takeaway: It's like when you go to a restaurant and see words like "pork belly" on a menu. You have no choice but to stop and read and consider. Guacamole works this way for digital content. Guacamole-stuffed, guacamole-topped, guacamole-anything gets readers to pause and consider. Get creative with where you put it and what you do with it. Bonus points if you can turn it into a video.

Unique Guacamole Ideas - Chicory Food Trends

Guacamole, 5 Ways

The Trend: If you're wanting to go traditional and leave your guac as a dip, consumers want to see a little something extra from your ideas or recipes. Just like with margaritas, a few frontrunners emerged as additions to the traditional avocado dip: pomegranate seeds for a burst of sweetness, Greek yogurt for added creaminess, mashed edamame for texture, kale because kale, and kiwi--who saw that last one coming!?

The Takeaway: As we've all seen in the past few years, "superfoods" have gripped consumers' attention as they browse their favorite blogs and wellness websites. Adding a little something extra to guacamole that sets off the this sounds healthy yet delicious receptors in readers' minds is key. Pair your recipe or guac idea with editorial on how pomegranate guacamole includes healthy fats and tons of antioxidants. Readers will--ehem--eat it up!

How to Use Your Blender - Chicory Cinco de Mayo Food Trends

The Numero Uno Cinco de Mayo Tool

The Trend: Person takes blender out of their hard-to-reach cupboard. Person makes margaritas. Person realizes, hey while I've got this blender down here, why don't I blend more stuff? At least we think that might be what's happening here. We saw a huge trend indicating that people use their blender for all sorts of Mexican-inspired cooking, particularly in warmer months.

The Takeaway: Make things easy and topical for consumers. The more you can inspire them to do, come party time, with their blender, the better! Perhaps some Mexican iced chocolate drinks, refried beans, enchilada sauce, taco soup... get creative and the options feel endless!