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Staff Spotlight: Meet Hana!

One great thing about summer is that here at Chicory, we have the opportunity to reflect and press reset on some of our processes. For the marketing team, this has meant revamping our branding with new designs, new deck formats, and even new processes for making graphics. Leading the charge with his creative vision and playful spirit is our Junior Marketing Designer, Calvin. To help implement these new changes, we brought on Hana as our summer design intern. Hailing from the Bronx, Hana is currently studying communications and design at Fordham University.

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Staff Spotlight: Meet Taikan!

It’s been a busy summer of behind-the-scenes movement here at Chicory. We expanded our office (pics to come!!), grew our team, made some major product updates, and more! But most fun for us New Yorkers has been the launch of a number of new local grocers in our shoppable recipe user experience. Our partnerships with Foodtown and Freshop are just the start of our expansion into working with more regional grocery retailers.

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