Earning More with Chicory: Chicory Premium

We recently added another way for bloggers and publishers to earn money with Chicory--a tool that will also help readers shop smarter. Introducing Chicory Premium, a feature that highlights certain ingredients in your recipes and provides coupons or special ecommerce offers.

Say you’re writing a post about your perfect game day spinach artichoke dip, which calls for Greek yogurt. What if, within that recipe, a coupon appeared for Greek yogurt; a coupon that earns publishers money every time it’s clicked or redeemed? That’s exactly what we’ve built with Chicory Premium. Here’s what it looks like:

chicory premium

Enabling Chicory Premium as an additional feature will dramatically increase eCPM rates and earnings for our publishers. Every time the button appears, publishers get paid, and we’ll take these interactions into account as we calculate your eCPM. A Chicory Premium button will not necessarily appear on all Chicory-enabled recipes; instead, should a company like Chobani elect to run a campaign with Chicory, the button may appear on recipes that call for Greek yogurt for the duration of that campaign.

Have an existing relationship with another yogurt company? No problem. Chicory partners can opt out of or re-enable this product at any time using their Chicory dashboard. 

We'd love to hear what you think of our new initiative. Do you think having special offers and grocery coupons available while you browse recipes is helpful? Let us know in the comments!