3 Ways to Boost Engagement on Your Social Media Posts

Engaging content. That is what everything boils down to today on social media. It’s no longer about just having a pretty feed or being cheeky with your captions, though that does help. Influencers and bloggers need to be ahead of the average social user, always providing something to your followers that has value or catches the eyes of those quickly scrolling by. Create something that your followers are going to want to share with friends, comment on, and (I mean let’s be real…) give your content a boost in a world ruled by algorithms.

Social media is an overcrowded space. Here are some things you can be doing to help your content shine.

GIFs and Memes

There is no show-stopper quite like a good gif or meme. I mean think about all the RBF Michael Phelps image macros, a smiling Usain Bolt running away from his life responsibilities, and all other gifs that came out of the 2016 Rio Olympics. You may have not been watching the original moment those memes were born, but you can still hop in on the joke through social media. At least on Chicory's account, nothing gets as many retweets and likes as a good gif that everyone can relate to, especially when it comes to standing out in a Twitter chat or meetup.

Plus, if you are doing some sponsored work, having followers that enjoy interacting with your content could get you a little extra dough. 

Memes to boost social media engagement
Memes on social media

Don't Be Afraid to Get Personal

This applies to all social media channels, but most particularly to Facebook. FYI: just thinking about Facebook give me the cold sweats. Once you think you’ve mastered the new algorithm, you wake up and something has changed. ANYWAY, Facebook has a few rules, but there is one thing that is for sure, they want you to share content that can live on Facebook and not take you off of their site (ie. upload your video directly to Facebook rather than posting a YouTube link for maximum engagement).

How to boost social media engagement

Facebook also wants users to keep things personal and they suppress content that has a clearly branded message. According to a recent TechCrunch article, "public Figures that post more raw, authentic moments tend to do better than those who post more processed, packaged content." Share a picture of something awesome you did this weekend! Share a silly video--I'm sure someone could use a laugh (I always can)! Give a little behind-the-scenes look at who you are as a person rather than just pushing out those same links to your blog posts. It will not only help get you some love on Facebook, but it will show your followers the face behind those awesome recipes!

Get Chatty

I’m not talking about just shooting the breeze. I’m talking about creating buzz. Say you’re posting a picture of you baking a cake. In your caption ask your followers which kind of cake is their favorite. Or ask them if they have any awesome tips, tricks or techniques for frosting a cake. Get them chatting underneath your photo. You might just learn a thing or two and based off of our experience, you’re going to see your follower count jump through the roof. My philosophy on Instagram: everyone wants to be part of the next big thing. It may just be your account! Wanna spice things up? Maybe give them a few choices and ask which one you should make your hero image for that weeks recipe! 

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