Staff Spotlight: Meet Amanda M.!

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in my time here at Chicory, we love milestones. We love honoring the little moments that deserve celebration. That goes for everything from Chicoversaries (our name for work anniversaries and birthdays) to our Friday Wins tradition. So with that in mind it felt like the perfect time to shine the spotlight on Amanda, who just celebrated her first Chicoversary!

Amanda, fondly known as Amandeux (Amanda + “deux”, the French word for two, being that she’s our second Amanda), is our Marketing Assistant! Amandeux studied Business and English at the University of Rochester, and worked in publishing before finding her role here at Chicory.


But her skills go well beyond the world of writing proposals or crafting wrap-up decks: our resident spiritual sorceress has perfected the art of the fluffy scrambled egg (ask her for the secret!) and hopes to take up soap making in her free time. Always eager to help, we love having her on the marketing team and at Chicory as a whole!

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