Announcing Shopper Select!

Everybody shops differently — there’s no two ways about it. So one thing is clear: flexibility and power of choice is paramount to shoppers, now more than ever.

It doesn’t take a psychologist (but let this Criminal Minds junkie go therapist on you) to tell you that, as consumers we go through a series a choices mentally when we purchase. Those choices are based on our own preferences and the limitations we’re presented with.  We do this all in order to reach a certain goal or outcome we’re looking for.

So, as a company that values thinking of new ways to change how we shop for food online, we’re thrilled to announce our new Shopper Select product, designed to put more choice back in the consumer’s hands.

So how does it work?

More Stores Mobile Animation SMALLER.gif

Step One

Click a Shopper Select-powered advertisement or promotion! This could be anything from a standard display banner to a video call to action. (1).gif

Step Two

Next up, the user is taken to a promotional landing page, branded to show the promoted product, with super sleek new selectable buttons for all of the online grocers in their area that have said item available for online purchase. In some cases, users will be taken to a second option to choose the store location for their preferred retailer. (2).gif

Step Three

Select the preferred online grocer and enjoy that retailer’s online shopping experience! More often than not, Chicory will be able to place all promoted items directly into the shopper’s online cart in one click. Some retailers may require a login, but trust us, it’s worth the extra clicks!