10 Podcasts for Food Bloggers That Aren't Just About Food

I am a podcast maniac. With a New York City commute that racks up to about two hours spent riding a train every day, I've learned that the most efficient use of my time ends up being learning by listening to podcasts. My favorite shows run the gamut from comedy to interview shows, but I've also tried out tons of foodie or blogger-specific shows too.

So, as a food blogger myself, I figured I'd share some incredible resources with you all. These shows (and in some cases, specific episodes) will help you grow in your blogging--though not always super literally. Trust me on these recommendations, though. You're gonna love 'em! 

The Food Blogger Pro Podcast - Hosted by Bjork Ostrom

Alrightie, we'll start with a show that you may already be familiar with. But that certainly doesn't mean we shouldn't give it a mention. While I love Food Blogger Pro's services in general, I need to give some extra love to Bjork Ostrom's work building this podcast. Somehow, hearing Bjork speak with experts about topics I stress about every day (SEO, growing your traffic) empowers me more than any reading could possibly do. Bjork is an excellent interviewer, and with every episode, I take away big picture philosophies to noodle on, but also very specific tactics that I can start doing today.

A couple of my favorite episodes? Episode 028 (SEO tips from Casey Markee), Episode 035 (how to build your Facebook following), Episode 037 (food styling through the years).

Spilled Milk - Hosted by Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton

This show is my doing-dishes-after-work show; it's an easy and silly listen that makes me laugh weekly for 20-minutes straight. The perfect doing-your-chores soundtrack. Molly and Matthew have the funnest rapport and can make the simplest-sounding topic (almonds) a delightful jaunt. Together, the food writer hosts cook a bunch of stuff based on their theme and then eat it, talk about their memories around the food, and just generally jeer and riff on the topic. Somehow "almonds" turns into a story about making marzipan figures on bathroom counters. 

Listen to any of the episodes to get the gist, but I enjoyed the recent one on biscuits (Episode 216).

Another Round - Hosted by Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton

Ok, so getting to the "aren't just about food" podcasts, I want to start with "Another Round." What can something with no direct tips about social media strategy or food teach you? Authenticity. Heben and Tracy are two smart and funny women who have a few fun segments as well as fascinating interviews. You return to the show for their takes on topics, their questions to guests, and their "rounds" at the end of the show, where they expound on something that made them happy that week. All bloggers could learn a thing or two from the hosts.

I've never laughed as hard I did at this episode, "Blacker History Month" (#40)

Reply All - Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman

As bloggers, I think it's our duty to understand the culture of the internet. Knowing about the latest meme or trending website can help us tune into the zeitgeist and better understand how our medium works. Reply All, the "show about the internet" dives into specific stories, and also often includes a segment called "Yes, Yes, No" in which a cryptic tweet, packed with internetty references gets broken down for the lay person. If you were confused about the hoopla around Gamergate, for example, this can help you out. (Plus all of the podcasts by Gimlet Media will give you the ultimate crash course in effective storytelling.)

Try out "Quit Already!" (Episode #47) which will help prove the power of Facebook or "The Reddit Implosion Explainer" (Episode #31) for those of you trying to understand the culture of Reddit.

How to Be Amazing - Hosted by Michael Ian Black

There are lots and lots of interview shows out there (I also like The Moment by Brian Koppelman), but I found "How to Be Amazing" this week and am totally hooked. His interviews dig into the minds of incredible people who vary from opera singers to theoretical physicists. You end up with way more insights about amazingness that move beyond "how did you get to this place?" Hear about the frustrations and insecurities some incredibly successful people have--it's super empowering.

Start with the two-parter with writer David Sedaris (Episodes #19 and #20).

If you like those, then also try out....

  • Burnt Toast: a smorgasbord of food topics from Managing Editor of Food52, Kenzi Wilbur.
  • The Chopped Podcast: more specific food blogging advice, hosted by Marly McMillen.
  • Radio Cherry Bombe: girl power via interviews with the coolest women working in food, hosted by Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu.
  • 10% Happier: for when you're overwhelmed and need a reminder to be mindful, from equally busy human, Dan Harris.
  • The Sporkful: Dan Pashman digs into lots of topics and isn't afraid of being critical of food media, offering helpful insights for bloggers!